Hip Recall News

Broadspire’s Role With Stryker Rejuvenate Cases

Many of the patients who have received a defective hip implant from Stryker or DuPuy have questions about Broadspire and its relationship with the two device manufacturers. The companies have hired Broadspire as a third party to help administrate claims related to the DePuy ASR and Stryker Rejuvenate product lines. Understanding what Broadspire covers and(…)

Hip Replacement Surgery: An Increased Risk of Stroke Complications

Patients undergoing total hip replacement surgery have a 400 percent increase potential of developing hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke within the first weeks after their operation. Information provided in the journal Stroke, by the American Heart Association, indicates that the risk of stroke was significant within the first two weeks, which dropped off only 6 to(…)